A Professional LED Component Manufacturer

A Professional LED Component Manufacturer

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Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To be recognized as a top LED products brand and preferred strategic partner in the major optoelectronic industry.

Our Vision

To be a leader of the optoelectronic industry – focusing on research development, cost-effective manufacture, and premium customer service – that provides cost-competitive, superior quality, highly reliable, and innovative LED related products to our OEM and ODM customers worldwide.

Our Culture and Value

All Foryard staffs adhere to the same core values. Our professional, honesty and efforts spirit construct our universal corporate culture, and determine our actions.

Professional Professional

Ever since the founding of Ningbo Foryard Optoelectronics CO., LTD., we have made specialized production in the main focus of the company’s development by using our strong technical force. We constantly explore and execute innovative ideas in the optoelectronics field. At Foryard, we have worked endlessly to become the leading LED manufacturer in China, and we strive each day to maintain this prestige. We are frequently forming and constructing new designs and ideas so that we can produce a supreme product. The company puts immense effort into creating and producing groundbreaking, high quality products that we guarantee to be satisfactory.

Honesty Honesty

Our company’s principle is “customer satisfaction above all else.” For many years, we have been improving and expanding our customer service department so that our products and services can truly serve the community. We also strive to return our appreciation to our customers by ensuring that they are thoroughly content with our products. It is especially important to us that we always treat each customer sincerely. Because we are developing and expanding each day, we hope to continuously improve our customer service and assure that all of our customers are satisfied with not only our products but our service to them as well.

Efforts Efforts

We make every attempt possible to create the top products and provide the finest support and service. Surrounded by intense competition from other companies in the industry, we believe that we are notable, because we persistently work hard to perfect our products and services. By doing this, we trust that we will evolve into the industry’s biggest and greatest competitor. We feel that we are capable of becoming the leading LED manufacturer, and we are making every effort to reach this goal.

OEM / ODM Specialty

FORYARD Optoelectronics products are tailored to meet your most demanding deep drawing and forming requirements.

We welcome opportunities for custom packaged and OEM/ODM products.

Demanding Applications Welcome Small and Large Orders Fast, On-time, Worldwide Delivery

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